我們使用螺絲當作最重要品牌識別,因為螺絲在生活中,常常是最不起眼的小角色,卻是事物、人與人最重要的連結關鍵,我們將這些小螺絲連結成一個巨大的概念,同時希望可以從最細微、最小的東西開始思考; 因此在設計上我們非常注重每一個小細節; 用這樣的態度希望創造出新的⼥性風格,顛覆傳統對⼥裝的思維,也因此誕生了 「Seivson」。
Holding a thing to do the best attitude, we can spend a lot of time in the study in a small thing, every piece of clothing design requirements from the details to start. Design unrestricted approach, showing an ambiguous style, between the balance and imbalance, flexible and not limited. Hope that every section is the focus of material and detail in life, showing a deliberate but irreplaceable contemporary style.