2020SS “You can’t scan me《I see you, You see me》”

Seivson 描寫現代女性力量,圍繞著女性主義、女性魅力。

在網路的時代, 追蹤、想像、疏離.....每個人的行為都是ai 被監控的;像是活在電腦....文字後面的陌生人, 似乎卻看得見彼此, 又活在他人追蹤的監視與想像之中。以『You can’t scan me』詮釋現代女性拒絕活在他人監視的眼光下, 保留自我意識的女性主導權。整季的用色愉悅鮮明、活潑而純潔, 象徵著希望。以女性的背影、頭髮、身體等設計暗示女性被監控著中...。系列中許多自己研發的布料,透明紗時裝材質,覆蓋於服裝外層表面, 這種『裡在外』、透明的表現手法,表現現代人正在被透視的存在著...。

整季並研發出許多新設計的線條印刷,代表為掃描過程產生的光學顏色;扭曲的變形方形格紋拼接,表達社會中各種無法改變的思想和心態。這次也特別與男裝品牌 (A)crypsis® 合作男裝系列,充滿時尚街頭感的設計風格,是這次的亮點之一。


Seivson 2020 Spring / Summer「You can’t scan me《I see you , You see me》」


In 2020 Spring/Summer collection, Seivson depicts the modern female power and illustrates over the feminisms as well as the female charm.


In this SNS network époque, following-up, imagination, alienation…the actions behind every one is under surveillance by AI.

Like the spirits living in the computers or the ghost hiding beneath every single letters, everyone seems visible to each other, or it’s just the illusion of peeping and the satisfaction of imagination.


“You can’t scan me” interprets the women in modern society who reject to live under the perceptions of others’ spying eyes, but strive for the reserved self-conscious and their own dominances. 


The vibrant and vivid colour usage of the whole collection conveys the inner hope of every female spirit.

The elements of female silhouette, hair, body…implied the subjects of those under surveillance female beings.


A lot of self-developed fabrics are used in the collection. Light chiffon covering over the garments.. the “inner-to-outer” see-through techniques performed the existence of modern people who are being inevitably scanned…